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Stainless Steel Pyramid GIZA 6*6 Feet


Pyramids are the perfect tools for meditation, allowing users to reach a higher level of consciousness and reduce stress. Our pyramids are designed to help balance your chakras, allowing for a more effective meditation session.

Material : 100 % Pure Stainless Steel and Solid 304 Grade
Size : 6 Feet
Weight : 8 Kg

Customized design will be printed on the Pyramid shape with extra Charges
Dimensions: 22 mm (Coin Shape)

Our 100% pure Stainless Steel pyramids are a sacred tool that has been used for centuries to connect with the divine. These magnificent structures have been crafted with precision and care, ensuring their ability to enhance your meditation practice. Our pyramids are designed to harness the power of the universe, allowing you to channel your energy towards achieving inner peace and spiritual enlightenment. With their sacred geometry and impeccable design, our pyramids are crafted to harmonize with your chakras, enabling a potent meditation experience unlike any other. Each pyramid is made from the highest quality materials and imbued with pure intentions and love, making it an ideal companion on your spiritual journey. We believe in our hearts that these pyramids will elevate you towards higher states of consciousness while simultaneously lending support to Mother Earth’s ascension into the 5th Dimension. Allow yourself to be drawn into their mystical allure – let our stainless steel pyramids take you one step closer to divinity!


Benefits Of Pyramids:

Quick Healing :
Increased Immunity :
Healthier Water :
Memory Power :
Uniform Distribution of Energy :
Reduction in Negative Thoughts :
Increased Productivity :
Increased Effectiveness :
Environmental healing:

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Stainless Steel Pyramid GIZA 6*6 Feet