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Aluminum Pyramid Full Set 6feet


Pyramids are the perfect tools for meditation, allowing users to reach a higher level of consciousness and reduce stress. Our pyramids are designed to help balance your chakras, allowing for a more effective meditation session.


Plastic Solid Connectors
Premium Quality Aluminium tubes
Golden Angle Inclination 51° 51′
Premium Quality Products
Premium Packing
Customized design on Pyramid


This package contains 4 Base connector and 1 Top connector and 8 Aluminum Powder Coated Pipes

Material : Aluminum ( Powder Coated)
Size : 6 Feet
Weight : 5 KG


Craftsmen have crafted these magnificent structures with precision and care, ensuring they enhance your meditation practice.

Our pyramids harness the universe’s power, allowing you to channel your energy towards achieving inner peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Their sacred geometry and impeccable design harmonize with your chakras, enabling a potent meditation experience unlike any other.

Craftsmen make each pyramid from the highest quality materials and imbue them with pure intentions and love, making them ideal companions on your spiritual journey.

We believe in our hearts that our pyramids will elevate you towards higher states of consciousness while simultaneously supporting Mother Earth’s ascension into the 5th Dimension.

Allow yourself to be drawn into their mystical allure – let our copper pyramids take you one step closer to divinity!


Benefits Of Pyramids:

Quick Healing :
Increased Immunity :
Healthier Water :
Memory Power :
Uniform Distribution of Energy :
Reduction in Negative Thoughts :
Increased Productivity :
Increased Effectiveness :
Environmental healing:

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 180 cm
Shopping Basket
Aluminum Pyramid Full Set 6feet