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What Techniques Were Used in Pyramid Construction in Atlantis and Egypt?

What Techniques Were Used in Pyramid Construction in Atlantis and Egypt?

It will be most efficient to present this material exactly as it is recorded in the files of SOL. This is an exchange between a member of a research group, identified here by “Q” for questioner, and The Council (“C”) speaking, of course, through the Deep Catatonic Trance state of Mr. LePar:

Q:, Could you tell us, please, how the pyramids were built? That is, any of the pyramids, Egypt or Mu, Lemuria or Atlantis?

C: Through the mental processes.

Q: The same powers that could also be turned to destruction?

C: Power is neither good nor bad. Power in itself is neither good nor bad. Those that apply it determine whether it is good or bad. Does that answer your question?

Q: Yes.

C: No, it does not.

Q: As far as power is concerned, but not the original question.

C: Pursue it.

Q: Did they simply will the construction, will the blocks to move? I suppose that is the question.

C: Basically, it was a matter of willing, but they needed help.

Q: From crystals again?

C: No, only partially.

Q: Then from what?

C: Special appliances. Basically, metallic rods held in the hands. One was a barrel-shaped rod; the other was a staff rod. The high priest then would carry these, and it was used as a tuning mechanism. The assistant priests or the common priests then would concentrate, and through a means of chanting which would have been strictly cosmetic in actuality, the chanting served their conscious mind for concentration, but the chanting in itself served no other purpose; focusing these thoughts then and the high priests holding these rods, touching the stone or that block that had to be moved, created a field that negated the gravitational force, thus allowing that stone or that rock to rise. Do you understand?

Q: Yes. Q (another researcher): Somewhat, are you talking about vibrations? Through some kind of vibratory energy that the rock gained an antigravitational state? Is that following you?

C: The mind emanates electrical field. This electrical field can be focused. Do you understand?

Q: All right.

C: The priests would concentrate on the rising of the rock or the elevating of the rock. Do you understand?

Q: Yes.

C: They were of one mind then. The high priest then which held these appliances, with the use of the appliance would be able to be what you could refer to as a power element or the priest with these appliances then would accumulate these electrical impulses derived from the extreme concentration and would trigger then, with the help of these appliances, a force that would negate the magnetic field in relationship to the object. Now the priests would lay hands on the object or the stone. Do you understand?

Q: Yes.

C: The high priest would walk ahead or behind of the stone, and one could consider then, because of the appliances, the high priest would be used as the power source to cancel out the gravitational force on the rock itself. This would be done in a manner that is hard to explain because the concept is not in line with man’s normal understanding but what constitutes material form but atoms. Again, what are atoms but fields of energy or electricity, and so by activating the molecular structure of the stone in such a way it would eliminate the relationship with the magnetic field or with the gravitational field, thus causing it to elevate or levitate.

Q: Is this the same process that would have been used in cutting, perhaps I am using the term loosely, but cutting the stone from the actual quarry and transporting it to a site where the pyramid was to be built?

C: This would be a process used in moving the stone. In some cases those stones that were too large to be truly supported on barges and what have you would necessitate a constant activity as we have described it. Do you understand this?

Q: Yes.

C: Rough cutting would have been done basically at a manual level. Refined cutting and polishing then would have been done through appliances such as crystals. The focusing of the mental powers for direction and the powers of the sun, one could shear a stone to within one one-thousandth of an inch. Again, such an area will serve no purpose.

The statement that “such an area will serve no purpose” means that, if these technical aspects were pursued in a line of questioning, those attending that particular Trance and all those partaking of the information would probably wind up pretty confused and that much Trance time would have been for naught. But there were other aspects to discuss, other insights into our past to reveal.

Someone asked if the other pyramids of which we are aware, specifying Mexico and Central America, were built in the same way for the same purposes. The Council answered yes, and the exchange continued:

C: You must remember that the system that instigated these activities or, let us say, the class that instigated these activities came from the priest system or priest caste or the priestly caste. Do you understand?

Q: Yes. C: Within the overall system were many individual segments or orders, and their structures may differ slightly from another order’s structures. Do you understand? Their choice of design or style may have differed slightly. Do you understand?

Q: I think so. Do you mean more than one group within the society was building buildings simultaneously?

C: Temples and buildings were built by two different groups. Temples were built by the priestly order; buildings by the architectural orders that laid more in the civil area and all its divisions. But within the priestly order, within the priestly caste, you had a number of different orders who had their own styles.

Source: Three Worlds Lost – The History of MU, LEMURIA, and ATLANTIS by Denny Highben

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