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The Miraculous Pyramid Healing Powers Discovered by Russian Researchers for Premature Babies


As I read about this research back in 2001 and absorbed the greater implications, I realized that pyramids were indeed the most stunningly advanced technology ever built on earth. They have been standing there all along, waiting to be inherited—but it was only in our ignorance that we did not recognize such an advanced technology when we saw it. Thankfully, multiple teams of accredited, mainstream Russian scientists did the work for us. Their results suggest that pyramid technology, and its offshoots, could save the world—and substantially improve our physical, mental and spiritual health along the way. In addition, these results tear the roof off everything we thought we knew about our own bodies, and about science in general. The more you learn about it, the more wonderful the implications become.



Imagine if you could take a simple drug that helps people fight viruses, and suddenly make it 3,000 percent more powerful. That’s exactly what happened in one study from the Ivanovskii R & D Institute of Virology, within the Russian Academy of Medical Science. Professor Klimenko and Dr. Nosik were studying a naturally occurring virusfighting compound in human beings called venoglobulin. When this drug was diluted into a concentration of fifty micrograms per milliliter and stored in a pyramid for a short time, apparently just a few days, it became approximately three times more effective at fighting viruses. Strangely, the drug worked just as well as they diluted it more and more—even though normally these ultraweak concentrations, such as 0.00005 micrograms per milliliter, would have no effect whatsoever in the fight against viruses


If that isn’t groundbreaking enough, the healing powers discovered by Professor A. G. Antonov and his associates, from the Russian R & D Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, are seemingly miraculous. In their hospital ward, they routinely had to treat premature babies with grave medical problems, who were only given days to live. Since their colleagues knew the pyramid had a remarkable strengthening effect on medication, and the drug itself didn’t even seem to be necessary, they tried something even more outrageous. Rather than using any known medicine, they took a simple placebo sample of 40 percent glucose in distilled water, and stored it in the pyramid. By administering only one milliliter of this solution to twenty different premature babies who were almost certainly going to die, every single one of them enjoyed a complete recovery. The babies given ordinary glucose solution were just as likely to die as before.


Could the pyramid be somehow activating a natural healing chemical in the glucose, they wondered? The only way to find out for sure was to switch to ordinary water, and try the same experiment again—but a single milliliter of “pyramid water” worked just as well.


What happens if you put a diseased organism directly inside the pyramid?

This was what a Russian Academy of Medical Science group headed by Dr. N. B. Egorova wanted to find out. Two groups of normal white laboratory mice were given strain 415 of the virus S. typhimurium (typhoid fever) in equal amounts over the course of one day. The only difference was that one group of mice was kept in the pyramid, and the other group was not. Amazingly, 60 percent of the mice in the pyramid survived smaller doses of the virus, whereas only 7 percent survived in the control group. Even in much larger doses of contamination, which would normally kill almost every single mouse, 30 percent of the pyramid mice still survived—while only 3 percent of those unlucky enough to be in the control group actually made it.


Dr. Egorova also fed pyramid water to mice that had been given nasty carcinogens that would almost certainly give them massive cancerous tumors. The control group was given the same carcinogens, but they were given only ordinary water that had never been inside a pyramid. The mice drinking the pyramid water had significantly fewer tumors develop than the mice drinking the ordinary water.


No dangerous or ill effects have ever been observed from these healing treatments. Golod’s team found that the taller the pyramid was, the more powerful the effects became—but even the tallest one was still just a little more than a quarter the height of the Great Pyramid. It does cost money to build these pyramids, yes—but compared to the outrageous, spiraling costs of health care, and the struggle to find effective remedies everyone can afford, it’s certainly worth investigating more. If it only takes one milliliter of water to save a baby from dying, think about how much healing water even one pyramid could create.


Source: The Source Field Investigations – David Wilcok

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